Samsung Galaxy S 3 may already have hit 10 million pre-orders

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galaxy-s-3-design-leak.jpgWe don’t have a release date, let alone have we seen the thing, but Samsung’s Galaxy S 3 smartphone may have already racked up 10 million pre-order sales.

The rumour has been fuelled by industry insider Eldar Murtazin, who tweeted “10 mln preorders for sgs3”.


Murtazin offered no further details as to the source of his figures, or who placed the order that Murtazin is referring to, but such huge numbers suggest the order comes from operators looking to fill their shelves with the much-coveted handset in time for the eventual launch date.

When that launch date will actually be is still anyone’s guess; we’ve heard everything from back at February’s Mobile World Congress show right up until June so for. This month or next seem safe bets however.

Either way, coming off the back of the massive success that was the Samsung Galaxy S 2, we’re again expecting big things from the S3 as it looks to go head-to-head with the iPhone 5 and Android rivals like the HTC One X.

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  • I am sure they are trying to sell more of the mistakenly too big for a phone Note before releasing the SGS3. (did they not learn from the Dell shark) If it doesn’t fit well in a man’s shirt pocket it is too big.

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