REVIEW: Logitech Z623 2.1 THX-certified PC Speakers

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Z623_FOB_72_dpi.jpgreview-line.JPGName: Logitech Z623 2.1 THX-certified PC Speakers

Type: 2.1 Desktop Speaker

Specifications: Click here for full specs

Price: RRP £149.99

Logitech are looking to add a bit of oomph to your sonic desktop escapades with the Z623 2.1 speaker system. Complete with THX-certification and a whopping 200 watts RMS output, it packs a mighty punch. But can it deliver quality and clarity too? Read on to find out.

If your PC is the centre of your media-consuming life, buying a decent set of speakers is a must. With so many sets offered by Logitech at so many different price points, they’re likely the first port of call for those on the market for a new set of speakers. While their low end speakers have a bit of a patchy track record, Logitech offer great bang-for-the-buck as you open your wallet that little bit wider. The Z623 2.1 speaker set is no exception, offering masses of output power, a robust design and sound quality that’s not half bad for little more than £100 from some retailers.

Being a 2.1 set, the Z623 comprises a pair of satellite speakers and a subwoofer. The satellites (each rated at 35W RMS power) are magnetically shielded to protect your screen from discolouring, with fixed cables at their bases and a single single mid-bass 3-inch driver in each, hidden behind a fixed grille. The right speaker also holds the power switch (handily meaning you don’t have to fiddle around the back of the sub to switch the set off), bass and volume control knobs, and 3.5mm stereo jacks for aux-in and popping in a pair of headphones. Finished in black and with a good bit of weight behind them, they feel solid and tough, despite being primarily made of plastic.
By PC speaker standards, the Z623’s subwoofer is a beast, measuring 302x282x264mm, something to take into consideration if you’re strapped for space by your desk. A wooden enclosure, it houses an 8-inch front-facing driver with a side bass port, again protected by a metal grille. On the rear you’ll find a 3.5mm stereo jack, alongside RCA inputs for connecting two separate audio sources. Along with the ports on the side of the right satellite, it’s very convenient to have the option of hooking up so many audio sources at once. The left and right satellites are connected to a RCA port and a D-sub port respectively on the sub. Again, the subwoofer feels weighty (about 8 kilograms) and solid, which will help when throwing out rumbling bass frequencies.

And boy does it deliver some earth-shaking sounds! Max out the bass dial and your neighbours a few doors down will feel the floor shaking too, delivering a deep response that you feel just as much as hear, with no noticeable rattle from the enclosure. It makes for a great companion to explosive movies and games, making the system actually worth consideration if you’re looking for a simple upgrade for your TV in the living room too.

Mids and highs are also good, if not quite of the impressive stature of the sub’s bass response. The THX-certification is well earned; you get a very distinct separation across the stereo set-up, making for a wide and enveloping sound when in close proximity on your desk. The satellites lack a little in clarity and detail at the top and mid ranges, meaning they’re perhaps not best suited for delicate classical music or jazz though, but instead dance or hip-hop’s thudding beats.


They’re fairly pricey, but gamers and movie fans will get a lot out of the Logitech Z623 speakers. Superb bass response and an excellent stab at immersive THX audio make them easy to recommend, even if the satellites lack a little in detail.



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  • Well, that’s really great and appreciated. Thanks for taking the time to discuss this, I feel strongly about it and love learning more on this topic.

  • Well, that's really great and appreciated. Thanks for taking the time to discuss this, I feel strongly about it and love learning more on this topic.

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