MacBook Pro 2012 update seems imminent as old stock runs low

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macbook-pro-family-top.jpgGetting excited about the 2012 MacBook Pro models? So you should be; with rumours of a massively redesigned super-slim build and super-fast Intel Ivy Bridge processors, it may well be the biggest update the line has seen since first being introduced back in 2006.

We’d been expecting a spring/summer launch for the line and those predictions now seem to have been accurate. Multiple Apple resellers are now stating that they are low on stock of 2011 MacBook Pro models, a sure-fire clue as to a product refresh coming in as they make way for the anticipated next generation of machines.

In the US, electrical giant Best buy are reporting low stocks of MackBook Pros in some territories, as are J&R. Head over to the Apple online store for refurbished products at the moment and it too is overflowing with 2011’s MacBook models.

Similar clues in the past have pointed to an imminent refresh of the line, and we expect this to be no exception. It seems 2012’s MacBooks are just a matter of weeks away.

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