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time-line-top.jpgIf you’re a regular Tech Digest reader, you may have noticed that we’ve been a little bit quiet over the last few days. That’s because we’ve been secretly working away on a new feature that we’re excited to reveal to you right now!

Today, we’re introducing the Tech Digest Tech Timeline Project! Using the Tech Digest Facebook timeline, we’re putting together a comprehensive look at the history of consumer technology that you can browse by just a quick flick of the mouse wheel!

Ever since Facebook rolled out the new-look Timeline interface for their social network we’ve been blown away by the innovative ways people have used the system to present information. From personal family histories to Spotify’s ambitious musical historical retrospective, it’s a really great way of presenting chronological facts.

So, to mark our 2,500th Facebook fan, we’ve begun compiling all the important innovations that have brought us to this modern digital technological age. From the discovery of electricity to the launch of the iPhone, we’re going to continue to fill up the timeline with more and more information as the days and weeks go by so that it’ll eventually become your go-to source for tech dates and facts.


As you can imagine, it’s a mammoth undertaking, and one that’s going to take a little while to complete yet. But we’re already so proud of it that we’re keen to share it with you even at this early stage! So far we’ve got all you need to know about Apple, Microsoft, Nokia, LG, Samsung, NASA and Facebook just to name a few brands and companies, as well as a whole host of discoveries, inventions, record breakers and firsts!

In the next few days we’ll also be adding the likes of Google, Sony, YouTube, Sega, Nintendo, Canon and a host of other brands, facts and innovative products too!

This being a Facebook-powered project, we’d love to get you, our loyal readers, involved as well. If you’ve got any dates you can think of that we’ve missed, our any facts or companies you’d like to know more about, send us a message! You can contact us through our Facebook page, our Twitter account, or directly grab the ear of one of the editorial team via our *firstname* email addresses, where *firstname* is the name of the writer you’re looking to contact. I’m Gerald @ for instance.

So what are you waiting for?! Head over to and get stuck in!

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