Google Drive officially revealed: 5GB storage, Google Docs and apps support

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google-drive-official-cloud-service-0.jpgGoogle have officially lifted the covers off Google Drive, their cloud storage alternative to Dropbox.

Available as a PC and Mac desktop app, and an Android mobile app on smartphones running version 2.1 and upwards of Google’s operating system, the service allows users to share up to 5GB worth of data and files across devices, on the go. As the service is cloud-based through the web, all transfers are done seamlessly, wirelessly, meaning updating files on one device automatically sees the most up-to-date version transferred to over Google Drive-using devices too.

Using a drag-and-drop grid interface on the desktop, files can also be transferred between colleagues and friends once a “Share With Me” folder has been created. If more storage than the initial free 5GB is needed, it can be purchased through the service.

If it all sounds familiar, that’s because it is. Dropbox works on almost identical principles, though Google may muscle in and grab newcomers to cloud storage by offering 5GB free whereas Dropbox only offers 2GB initially.

Scroll down for some videos direct from Google describing the service:

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