VIDEO: iPhoto app for the new iPad 3 hands-on preview

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“Don’t ever let anyone tell you that you can’t create on an iPad,” said Apple senior vice president Phil Schiller at the new iPad press conference this evening. Take one look at the new iPhoto app and you’ll know exactly what he means.

Completing the iPhoto trinity on the iPad kicked off by Garageband and iMovie, the iPhoto app is a comprehensive, touch-based image editing application that when paired with the tablet’s new five megapixel camera and high-resolution 2,048 by 1,536 pixel Retina display will likely prove a robust all-in-one solution for mobile photographers.

Using multi-touch gestures, double taps and pinches of the screen allows users to adjust everything from brightness and saturation levels, to simulated exposure enhancements, crops, filters and more. An intuitive UI that includes a “swatch” pallet-like menu makes even complex edits seem easy.

The app also includes a “Journals” feature, which lets users create a scrapbook from their camera roll which can be shared with pals over iCloud. The journals look great, with adjustable images intelligently falling into a customisable grid formation. You can even add widgets to the journals, which include calendar, map and weather details, with the app intelligently pairing up the info with the date and location details found in the photos you are arranging.

We were given a nifty run through of the app’s main features, which can be seen in the video embedded above.

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