Samsung Galaxy S 3 design and release date leaked? Hmmm…

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Since Mobile World Congress closed its door last month, we’ve been sitting impatiently, tapping at our watches, waiting for Samsung to reveal the successor to their Samsung Galaxy S 2 superphone. It now seems that the Samsung Galaxy S 3, or Galaxy S III if your prefer has had its cover blown earlier than anticipated, with what’s purported to be a final design and release date popping up over at Phone Arena.

The picture above, sent by an anonymous source to the site, is said to show the completed build of the S 3, while the text displayed on its screen hints at launch details, stating that “the new Samsung Galaxy S III live at 8:00pm”.

The legitimacy of the leak gets a little blurrier here; Samsung have indeed announced a press event for that day, set in Paris for the same time. However, they’ve already made it clear that the much longed-for handset will not be present at the event, and it’s unlikely they’d confuse the media with a double bluff.

Looking more closely at the image too adds another smelly whiff of fakery. Text sizes on the display are not uniform, and the notification bar shown on the device looks to be the default Ice Cream Sandwich edition, which Samsung would surely tweak themselves as part of an updated TouchWiz UI.

We’re going to file this one, for the time being at least, in the drawer marked “Fishy”, and push any real details your way as soon as they come under our noses.

Via: Phone Arena

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