Friends Reunited relaunching, looks to stir our love for nostalgia

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Friends Reunited, the once-leading social network that aimed to get you back in touch with old school pals, is preparing for a major relaunch.

While rekindling lost friendships will still be a major part of Friends Reunited, the revamped site will look to set itself apart from rivals like Facebook by focussing on national, nostalgic events, with users posting pictures and videos to strengthen memories of life-affirming moments.

With community sharing as important on the site as personal networking amongst friends, Friends Reunited use examples like the Royal Wedding and Live Aid 1984 as events that people will be keen to share their memories of, offering different perspectives on national events through personal photos and commentary.

“The new site will take you on a nostalgic journey through all of those “Remember when?” moments, using the power of iconic images,” reads the press statement.

“From heart-warming personal memories, to the national goose-bump moments we all experienced together, the new Friends Reunited encourages you to search for anything you can remember. You can find, collect and share the memories you love with the people that were there too”.

With a user-base still 7-million people strong, 2012 could prove a significant year for the once-mighty network.

Gerald Lynch
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