World of Warcraft Monopoly and Starcraft RISK official board games coming

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The worlds of online and table-top gaming are set to converge this summer, as Blizzard have just revealed they are to sell branded versions of popular boardgames based on their videogames.

Monopoly: World of Warcraft and RISK: Starcraft are set to hit stores soon, with both making their debut at the Toy Fair in New York City on February 12, officially made by USAopoloy.

Fans of both the boardgames and the videogames will get the chance to influence the design of the tabletop titles too, with the company holding a poll via Facebook where you can choose which set pieces will make it into the final version of the Monopoly game.

No word yet on a UK release, but in the US Monopoly: World of Warcraft will be available for $39.95 from May, with RISK: Starcraft hitting stores later this summer with a $49.45 price tag.

It’s not the first time tabletop gaming and videogames have joined forces, with plenty of home-made fan efforts and official releases doing the rounds on the web. Just take a look at these nifty Konami-licensed Metal Gear Solid RISK and fan-made Mass Effect Monopoly versions.

Gerald Lynch
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