WikiLeaks' Julian Assange to guest star on The Simpsons

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julian-assange-simpsons.jpgWikiLeaks founder Julian Assange is to guest star in the milestone 500th episode of The Simpsons.

Approached by casting director Bonnie Pietila after Simpsons creator Matt Groening found that Assange was looking to be on the show, Assange recorded his lines in a secret location and did not meet the shows producers as his house arrest legal status in the US prevented him from travelling.

Whistle-blowing Assange is currently scheduled to appear at the US Surpeme Court on Wednesday, where he’ll appeal potential extradition to Sweden where he is alleged to have committed sex crimes.

The shows producers spent quite some time discussing the potential appearance of the notorious internet figure, but came to the conclusion that the satirical nature of Assange’s appearance does not have the potential to alter his legal situation.

The episode (which airs in the US on February 19th) sees Homer and Marge attempting to disappear from their regular lives after they discover the townsfolk of Springfield have secretly turned against them. While on the road they bump into Assange, who becomes a “new Ned Flanders” for the pair.

Gerald Lynch
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