Star Wars 3D Blu-rays incoming, Episode 1 first

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Star Wars releases are like buses; you wait twenty-odd years for a sequel, then a trilogy comes along. Likewise, we waited years for a Blu-ray release up until last Christmas, and now just a few short months later we’re getting a re-release in 3D.

According to Pocket Lint, George Lucas, in partnership with Panasonic, is looking to capitalise on the recent success of the Star Wars: Episode One – The Phantom Menace 3D re-release by offering up 3D Blu-rays of the film by the Spring.

Even by industry standards, let alone Lucas’s own snail-paced releases, that’s a super-fast turnaround from cinema screens to the living room. But considering The Phantom Menace has been available multiple times, most recently at Christmas, and with Blu-ray arguably a struggling format in the face of streaming technologies, it’s hardly a surprising move.

With Lucas looking to release a 3D version of each of the Star Wars films every year, it’ll likely take 5 years until we have the complete original, superior trilogy in 3D in our homes however.

Gerald Lynch
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