Spotify refused Adele's demands for "21" album streaming

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Spotify could have had it all when it came to multi-Grammy award winning Adele and her album 21, but refused the demands the singer made.

The Rolling in the Deep singer had stated that her album could only be streamed if it was made exclusively available to Premium subscribers. However, Spotify refuse, stating it would mean a complete overhaul for their business model, which works by giving all users equal access to the catalogue of songs, the pay off between the free and premium versions being the removal of adverts and mobile playback.

“Ultimately, Spotify decided it did not want to split up its content catalog, so as to create separate music libraries for paying subscribers and freemium users,” reads the FastCompany report.

“Thus, it was essentially Spotify that decided against providing streaming access to Adele’s content for paying subscribers – not the other way around.”

Adele is isn’t the only artist or band that doesn’t want to be on Spotify. The Beatles and Metallica are just two of the many high-profile acts who have limited the service’s access to their music.

Still, fair play to Spotify; they turned down the biggest album of last year just to ensure all their users got a fair deal. Nice work guys.

Gerald Lynch
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