Spotify for iPhone and iPad now streams at 320Kbps

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Spotify have updated their iOS app, allowing music fans with iPads, iPhones and iPods to now use the service to stream tracks at 320Kbps.

It now puts the quality of the streaming tracks as high as those saved for offline playback, and is of a higher quality than the iTunes Match service that maxes out at 256Kbps.

The CD-quality streaming update is only available to premium subscribers who have access to the advert-free mobile offering. One the update has been applied, head into the settings panel and flick the switch over to the higher-quality setting.

A word of warning though; keep a close eye on your connectivity status. Streaming at 320Kbps over 3G is going to whip even the most generous of data plans. Best to stick to a Wi-Fi connection when using the app at this higher quality.

Gerald Lynch
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