Sexy photos and vids on 26% of Brit smartphones

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news-sexting-300x225.jpgBrits like ” a bit of blue” when it comes to filling up their smartphones with pictures and videos, a new survey has revealed.

According to findings from UK retailer, 26% of mobile or smartphone owning Brits replied “yes” when asked “have you ever taken a ‘sex’ photo or video of yourself and a partner using your camera phone?”.

36% of those who replied positively also admitted to then sharing the pictures or videos with friends. Of the total 1,976 people aged 18 and over questioned, even 36% of those who had never took a naughty snap of a loved one said they would consider doing so.

Another stat sure to rile the Jeremy Kyle brigade saw 12% of rude picture takers admitting they still had sexy pictures of their ex partners saved, despite a further 53% of them having now shacked up with someone else.

To make matters worse, 65% of budding Playboy photographers didn’t even use pin protection on their handsets.

“I would certainly recommend to anyone that does do this kind of thing to make sure that they secure their phone with a pin or pass-code, as you wouldn’t want that kind of thing to get into the wrong hands,” said Mark Owen, managing director of

“At the end of the day, the camera function on a phone is there for you to snap what you wish; but ensure your pictures are protected on your mobile to avoid any embarrassment!”

Gerald Lynch
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