Possible iPad 3 innards hint at incremental update

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ipad-3-innards.jpgWe know what we want from the iPad 3; a Retina display, Siri voice controls, a less hamstrung rear camera. But what are we going to get?

If you’re looking for a significant processing jump, that feature may have just been put into question, as a snapshot apparently revealing the iPad 3’s logic board has appeared online showing what seems to be only an incremental update.

The shot, found over at Chinese site WeiPhone, shows a board using an “A5X” system-on-a-chip. Weren’t we supposed to be getting the A6? Unless Apple are changing their naming conventions, it looks like we’re getting a bridging step in the processing stakes for the iPad 3.

Dated “1146” (with that figure corresponding to the 46th week of 2011, or November 14th to 20th 2011), there is also a pair of Hynix 16GB flash memory chips onboard, and what appears to be a power management chip, complete with Apple branding.

Of course, at this stage, this could easily be a mock-up done in someones shed. But as the expected due-date for the iPad 3 trickles closer, it may be time to start bracing for an iPhone 4S style update rather than a full on sequel.

Via: Gizmodo

Gerald Lynch
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