Possible BlackBerry 10 London full-touchscreen smartphone press shot leaks

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Could this be the turning point for BlackBerry makers RIM? We hope so, as an apparent leaked shot of their first BlackBerry 10-packing superphone, dubbed the “London” leaks online.

Looking like a cross between a BlackBerry PlayBook and an iPhone, it’s claimed to be RIM’s newest flagship device, set to hit stores before the end of the year.

Revealed in what appears to be an internal corporate slide, the London has plenty of buzzwords bandied around it, calling it the “Ultimate Communication Device” and featuring a “Rich specification – hardware & software”. Spotters CrackBerry are also claiming the device will have a 1.5GHz dual core processor either from Qualcomm or Texas Instruments, a .5GHz jump over the PlayBook tablet.

Hard to really judge the legitimacy of the image; we know RIM are hedging their bets to deliver something revolutionary by their standards this year, while the lingo used does seem full of enough chaff to be genuine executive-speak. The handset itself though looks far more like a render than a genuine photo of a device.

We’ll bring you any updates on RIM’s smartphone plans as we get them.

Via: CrackBerry

Gerald Lynch
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