Philips HMP2000 adds Netflix to TVs without web smarts

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Philips-HMP2000.jpgPhilips have just revealed their HMP2000 Smart TV add-on box, giving any TV with a HDMI port the ability to access web connected Smart TV content like YouTube and Netflix , the later of which can be accessed instantly through dedicated remote buttons.

Measuring just 90 x 50 x 100mm and sitting in a small wedge shape, it beats the Apple TV unit by offering 1080p video output where the Cupertino box only manages 720p.

Offering built-in Wi-Fi for streaming video, as well as content from a networked PC, there’s also a USB port on the side if you’d rather plug a thumb drive full of videos directly into the box.

At just £49.99, it’s looking a tidy little way to bring your ageing TV’s features up to scratch.

Gerald Lynch
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