Nvidia add fifth core for 4-PLUS-1 mobile chipsets

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We’ve had dual-core, we’re getting quad-core, now get prepared to welcome 5-core mobile chipsets with open arms, courtesy of Nvidia.

Detailing the souped-up quad-core set-up in their Tegra 3 processors, Nvidia have christened the “companion (or ninja) core” as 4-PLUS-1 quad-core architecture. Simple and effective naming, we think you’ll agree.

The new build allows the Tegra 3 chip to provide “both exceptional processing power and great battery life”, with the companion core taking on the less strenuous tasks while the main 4 cores handle intensive mobile challenges.

The chipset is lined-up to appear in many handsets at next week’s MWC show, including the HTC One X and LG Optimus 4X HD. If the performance matches the PR spiel, we expect to see the Tegra 3 become a much-use chipset across the next year or so in both smartphones and tablets.

Gerald Lynch
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