MWC 2012: "We're not doing very well in the tablet market" say Samsung

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samsung-galaxy-note-review-top.pngNot quite towing the company line, a Samsung executive at Mobile World Congress 2012 has admitted his company are struggling to make waves in the tablet market.

Hankil Yoon, a Samsung product strategy executive told CNET that: “honestly, we’re not doing very well in the tablet market.”

However, Hankil Yoon was keen to point out the company’s high hopes for the Galaxy Note smartphone, which bridges the gap (in terms of size) between a tablet and a smartphone at 5 inches.

At the trade show this week Samsung unveiled the 10.1-inch Galaxy Note variant, complete with S-Pen stylus that’s designed to make content creation as easy as consumption on the device.

However, the upscaled Note seems very similar to the 10,1 inch Galaxy Tab. Yoon said his company did not fear canabalised sales: “the best thing to survive in the market is to kill your products. We want to stay competitive in the market.”

He also stated his preference for the Note over the Galaxy S II handset, another previous big hitter for the company:

“Once I used this, the Galaxy S II looks too small – I don’t go back to any other smartphone or tablet.

“Even if the design is similar, how you use the (Note) is totally different.”

Gerald Lynch
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