iTunes and App Store expected to get a makeover

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Apple’s iTunes and App Store download platforms are to get a much-needed overhaul later this year, according to a 9to5Mac source.

The digital store fronts, which are particularly clunky to use for PC owners, are to get a major redesign, bringing the look and navigation of the software more in line with the current crop of software and music favourites like Spotify.

A “top priority” for Apple, looking to make the stores “a much more engaging experience”, iTunes and the App Store are massive money spinners for the Cupertino company, who must be snapping at the bit to get the overhaul pushed out soon if it leads to making a bit of extra dough.

The App Store today sits on the cusp of breaking another milestone too, sitting just a few million downloads away from seeing it’s 25 billionth app purchase. That may sound like an age away, but with apps being downloaded in their hundreds every second, it’s actually just around the corner.

Via: 9to5Mac

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