Cineworld cinemas go 4D with D-BOX movement technology seats

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d-box.pngIf you pine for a traditional movie-going experience, away from the madness of 3D screenings, you may want to stop reading. Everyone else though, get excited; trips to the cinema are about to get a lot more immersive, as Cineworld have just announced they’re installing D-BOX technology seating to select screens up and down the country.

D-BOX movement technology seats rumble and shake in sync with the action on screen, letting you feel the blast of an explosion or blow of a punch while watching a movie, though without the associated pain and discomfort that would go along with those in real life, of course.

“D-BOX’s unique technology excite film-goers senses through the power of movement and feeling, creating a multi-sensorial revolution in film watching. D-BOX simulators offer the next dimension of the cinematic experience, placing viewers in the centre of the action,” reads a statement from Cineworld.

“With seat movements perfectly synchronized to the onscreen action and sounds, D-BOX seats create an unmatched realistic immersive experience.”

The first cinema to get the technology will be Cineworld Glasgow Renfrew Street, showing a D-BOX enabled screening of John Carter 3D on March 9th.

Cineworld will be rolling out the technology to other cinemas over the next two years, with Cineworld O2 Greenwich, Cineworld Crawley and Cineworld Milton Keynes the next locations to get the upgrade.

Gerald Lynch
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