Bondi hugs your iPhone, frees your hands

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OK so we’re a day late for Valentines Day, but if you want to spread some love to your smartphone, why not check out the Bondi?

A small, flexible stand aimed at touchscreen smartphones (though capable of holding practically anything thanks to the way it bends and stretches), the Bondi’s little arms wrap around your phone, giving it a hug and taking the strain off your over-worked thumbs.

Not content merely with being a smartphone stand, Bondi’s makers list plenty of other ways it can be useful, giving users free hands when “at the gym, pushing a pram or riding a bike”, or even when used to “tie back curtains, hold open a book to allow for coffee drinking and then transform into a book mark to save your place [and] tidy up your desk in an instant holding note pads and pens.”

Made of high quality silicone that “can be curved into any shape”, Bondi is available in a range of colours to suit any smartphone style.

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Gerald Lynch
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