Acer CloudMobile headed to MWC 2012

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acer-company-logo.gifAcer are said to be revealing their CloudMobile handset at the 2012 Mobile World Congress conference in Barcelona later this month.

As the phone’s name suggests, the smartphone will have access to Acer’s cloud-based CloudMobile service, which is set to launch in Q3 of 2012.

The phone itself is said to be a 1.5GHz dual-core handset, running Android 4.1 on a 4.3-inch touchscreen display, with HSPA+ download speeds for speedy access to all your cloud-based files.

However, there is a disparity between the proposed launch date of the cloud service and the handset itself. The online service is said to launch in Q2 of this year, while the handset itself will touch down in the US and UK roughly before Christmas.

Though Asian territories may see both the phone and the CloudMobile service launch within good time of each other, Western smartphone buyers may have to wait.

Gerald Lynch
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