Sony Walkman brand still fighting with new E-Series MP3 player launch

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It may be embroiled in a losing battle with smartphones and Apple’s iPod range, but Sony’s Walkman MP3 players just wont give up. A new E-Series crop is being prepped for launch in Japan, alongside a set of speaker docks.

The NW-E062 and the NW-E063 are the latest bits of kit to have Walkman branding slapped on the side. with 2GB and 3GB of storage respectively, they happily play all manner of audio formats, including MP3s, WMAs, ATRACs, Linear PCMs and AACs tunes, as well as housing an FM radio. Pick up the NW-E062K and the NW-E063K variants and Sony throw in a 1W speaker stand too (pictured).

The MP3 players themselves measure up at 34.8 x 77.5 x 9.1mm, and weigh 37g. Each has a 1.4inch TFT screen, and feature noise cancelling tech that should block out 98% of ambient sound. Battery life if good for between 24-30 hours, depending on how much you use the noise cancellation features.

Alognside the new Walkman models are a pair of speaker docks, the RDP-NWG400B and the RDP-NWM7. The first of the pair is a Bluetooth speaker with a 20W output across a 2.1 channel setup, while the RDP-NWM7 is a dock with a 4W output.

No word on a UK release at the moemnt, but we’ll pass on any details we get ASAP.

Via: The Verge

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