Nuance announce LG as first Dragon voice-controlled TV partner, beat Apple TV with Siri to the punch

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Following their announcement at CES 2012, Nuance have revealed LG as the first manufacturing partner for Dragon voice-controlled TVs, beating any Apple Siri controlled potential alternative to the punch by a wide margin.

Nuance of course lay down the backbone technology for the Siri functionality, but that wont make the blow any easier for Apple to swallow we’d imagine.

Hitting LG’s Smart TV Cinema 3D range, the company’s Magic Remote now has voice-recognition tech built in, allowing viewers to simply state the sort of content they are searching for before the web-based system presents it.

In other words, saying “Angry Birds” would fire up the TV’s Rovio gaming app, while “Lady Gaga” would hunt down the Paparazzi star’s music videos. It’ll also make text-entry far easier with speech-to-text, great for those who regularly use social networks like Twitter or Facebook on their TVs.

“TV manufacturers like LG have rapidly innovated their TVs and media content capabilities, but the traditional remotes and television guides have fallen behind – that’s where voice comes in,” said Michael Thompson, senior vice president and general manager, Nuance Mobile.

“Nuance’s Dragon TV portfolio brings entertainment and media front and center with the ability to simply speak to find almost anything that is on TV or On-Demand.”

The first Dragon-compatible LG Magic Remote will launch in early Q1 2012. Which, come to think about it, would be any time now!

Gerald Lynch
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