CyanogenMod Android Market to house rogue apps?

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CyanogenMod[1].pngThe team behind CyanogenMod, the popular Android custom ROM, could soon be launching their own application store, which would house apps previously removed from Google’s own Android Market store, as well as those specifically suited to rooted phones.

Following on from a suggestion made by Koushik Dutta on his Google+ account, the store would be an added source of income for the CynaogenMod team, whose ROM has now been installed on over a million Android phones.

The CynogenMod team had initially been in talks with Amazon, potentially bundling the Amazon App Store with their ROM in return for a cut of app sales, but Amazon failed to commit.

Great news for fans of emulators and tethering apps, which are always the first to be pulled from Google’s own store. However, those reading the news as a new outlet for illegal dodgy apps are sorely mistaken: Dutta has stated the store will only play host to legal apps.

Gerald Lynch
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