CES 2012: Watch out LG, here comes Samsung's 55-inch Super OLED TV

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Will 2012 be the year of the OLED? It certainly looks that way if LG and Samsung are to have anything to do with it. First LG announce their 55-inch OLED model, and now Samsung follow suit at their press conference.

Just like the LG model, it’s claiming superb colour reproduction and no notable motion blur, as well as facial recognition.

No onboard colour filter, as the self-emitting RGB sub-pixels can manage themselves, while blacks stay deep and whites bright thanks to a pixel-by-pixel light output automatic control.

A dual core processor is also onboard for swift interface control, and the screen also has 3D support.

“Samsung has had a long and successful history of creating innovative OLED products, including mobile phones, digital cameras and tablet PCs. Today, we are proud to extend our OLED leadership to the TV category with this spectacular 55-inch Super OLED,” said Hyunsuk Kim, executive vice president, Visual Display Business at Samsung Electronics.

“By incorporating true-to-life picture quality with ultimate speed and vividness, Smart Interaction, Smart Content and ultimate thinness, Samsung is delivering the ultimate TV today.”

No pricing announced yet, but Samsung, just like LG, as promising a release window of within the second half of 2012.

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Gerald Lynch
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