CES 2012: Monster pair with Diesel for angular Vektr headphones

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Monster a teaming up with clothing brand Diesel to release the Vektr headphones and earhpones range, offering “premium-quality listening solution that expertly blends the worlds of fashion and great sound.”

While specs are thin on the ground, the duo are definitely delivering a “premium-quality” look to the over-ear Vektr headphones, using an angular, diamond-like plastic with a matte grey and black coating on the cans. “A trendsetting personal listening solution that dramatically breaks conventional headphone style,” they wouldn’t look out of place on Darth Vader’s head.

Despite first-hand experience of Monster’s great earphones, it’s a shame they’re not going into any detail on the tech inside the Vektr sets, though they do offer noise isolation to keep your tunes private from those around you.

There will also be an in-ear pair of Vektrs on the way, described as having a “jet black appearance with a single bold yellow accent and a prominent Diesel logo”.

The over-ear Vektr headphones will cost around $250, with he earphones in stores for around $150.

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Gerald Lynch
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