CES 2012: Dell will try again with tablets in 2012

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Dell have revealed they are to re-enter the tablet wars this year, despite previously being burned with their initial Dell Streak attempts.

“You will see us enter this market in a bigger way toward the end of the year. So we are not really deemphasizing it, we are really being very careful how we enter it,” Chief Commercial Officer Steve Felice told Reuters.

“We like Windows 8 but we continue to develop with Android as well. We are still going to be more choice-driven, based on the feedback we get from customers.”

Felice’s comments make it hard to judge whether or not Dell will opt for Windows or try once more with Android, as they did with the Streak (pictured).

There’s no denying it’s an even more competitive market than when they last tried to enter it, with the Streak, nestled somewhere between a smartphone and tablet, proving a buggy, ill-received mess.

Beyond Samsung, Asus and Motorola’s niche carving of a corner of the market, practically all other tablet manufacturers have fallen foul of Apple’s dominance. Even Dell’s fellow PC stalwarts failed miserably with their TouchPad device, and once mighty mobile giant RIM saw their PlayBook become a total disaster.

Dell teased new tablet products last year with the Streak 10 and Streak Pro, but even the too would need major innovative overhauls to catch the attention of consumers. Only time will tell if Dell will deliver the tablet goods.

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Gerald Lynch
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