CES 2012 – How your iPhone might just save you from having a heart attack


So you think medical and health gadgets a bit gimmicky? Well maybe, but they may have already saved one life.

In a keynote speech at CES 2012 Dr. Eric Topol, the chief academic officer of Scripps Health told a story about how he was able to use a software called Alivecor from Qualcomm – which is being trialled on mobile phones – to save a man’s life.

He was apparently on a flight when someone was taken ill with chest pains. Using the tool Topol was able to quickly diagnose that the passenger having chest pains was having a heart attack, and not just indigestion. The airplane made an emergency landing, allowing the man’s life to be saved.

Here’s a video of the device in action. For more on some very cool medical gadgets and apps from Qualcomm go here, and check out Connected Health for full CES coverage here.

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