CES 2012 – health and wellness gadgets abound


stmelece.jpgOk, so CES 2012 hasn’t exactly been that exciting so far. We are however noting the emergence of one very important new product category – namely health and wellness gadgets. We have already been tracking these for a while on our sister site, but what started as a trickle a year or so ago has now turned into a flood. On day one we have already the following…

The smart suit for athletes and Parkinson’s sufferers

Want to analyse your body movements so you can run as fast as Theo Walcott or play tennis like Roger Federer? Well STMicroelectronics NV has unveiled a smart-suit prototype with motion sensors which is designed to help people recover from injuries quicker or improve their co-ordination if they are suffering from conditions like Parkinson’s Disease. It will also enable athletes to closely study their movement and learn how to perform to higher standards. More here

The first Bluetooth Smart heart rate strap made for the iPhone 4S

The Wahoo Fitness Blue HR heart rate strap’s big claim is that it is the world’s first Bluetooth Smart heart rate strap made for the iPhone 4S (and also other Bluetooth Smart Ready devices). It is a standard format of a strap and an accompanying app. The clever bit is that it works with a load of different iPhone apps More here.

The ultra smart blood pressure monitor

The Zensorium Tinke is a two unit system with dongle that fits on to your iPhone that then connects to a wearable heart monitor – which incidentally comes in an array of bright colours. It measures heart stats like blood pressure, respiratory rate and oxygen levels through shining infrared and red light beams onto the tiny blood vessels in the tip of your finger. More here

The intelligent disposable adhesive patch bandage

BodyMedia is parading a new and highly innovative new way of capturing data about our bodies. It has unveiled an adhesive patch which you place on your skin and leave there for seven days. During that time it records as many as 500 data points each minute including calorie burn, steps taken, activity levels, and sleep pattern. More here

The baby scales that tweet your child’s weight

French technology company Withings has just announced an Internet-connected baby and toddler scale, the Withings Smart Baby Scale. The idea is that thanks to its Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity it will automatically update your child’s weight on any manner of devices from PCs through to phones and tablets in some instances using a dedicated WiScale app. It can also instantly update Facebook, Twitter or send an email to private email addresses with new readings. More here.

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