Avatar 2 now on course for 2016 release

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avatar.jpgWere you one of the 3D film fans that suffered from post-Avatar blues? No, not because of the shoddy Pocahontas-poaching storyline, but because you wanted to re-visit James Cameron’s visionary 3D world Pandora? Well, sorry to disappoint you, but contrary to claims that an Avatar sequel would touch down in 2013 or 2014, it’s no looking as though the next sci-fi instalment of the franchise is at least “four years away”, according to producer Joan Landau.

Speaking to Bleeding Cool news at a Titanic 3D screening, the producer noted that, while 2016 is the most likely release date for the sequel, the wait for a third Avatar film will likely be far shorter (perhaps as little as a year) as the sequels will be filmed back to back.

It’s not all bad news though; Landua revealed that the next Avatar film will be shot at a silky-smooth 50 frames per second, while Cameron’s business partner Vince Pace also recently noted the massive technological jumps the 3D industry has made since Avatar was made.

Whether you enjoyed the movie or not, it’s hard to argue against Avatar being the most impressive 3D spectacle to hit cinema screens thus far. With even more powerful technology (and a better script) the next instalment could be truly breathtaking.

Gerald Lynch
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