Apple's Reuse and Recyling Programme will buy your junk gadgets

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apple-recycle.jpgApple are now offering a “Reuse and Recycling Programme” that gives gadget fans the chance to swap their unwanted tech for cold-hard cash.

Operated by Dataserv GmbH, the service will take larger items like desktop computers and monitors, something that rival services like Mazuma Mobile and Envirofone do not offer.

“Apple’s commitment to the environment includes finding the most efficient ways to reuse or recycle electronic equipment at the end of its useful life, including iPhone, iPad, Mac or PC computers, and displays from any manufacturer. You may even get some money for your old equipment,” reads the statement on the programme’s website.

It’s a simple process; head on over to the Reuse and Recyling Programme page, fill out a few details about the product your looking to trade and then you’ll be given a shipping label to print off. Stick your gadget in a box with the label attached, send it to the recycling team and, providing you haven’t lied about crusty notebook being a brand spanking new ultrabook beast, you’ll get a wad of cash sent to your coffers.

Apple already offer an iPod and Mobile Phone Recycling Programme. They do not give cash in exhcange for this service however.

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