Why Do I Need A Confetti Shredder?

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With a wide range of shredders available on the current market, knowing which one is best for you can be difficult. Confetti shredders are a more modern form of paper shredder than cut documents and papers into small square pieces rather than long strips associated with ribbon cut shredders. But why does this matter and why do you need a confetti shredder?

Rexel logo.jpgThe main reason why you should have a confetti shredder is its performance. It is made of two rotating bars that have a series of blades that slice, chop or strip material such as paper, credit cards in both horizontal and vertical manner.

This means the materials are reduced to very tiny pieces which are very impossible to put back together, offering you increased data protection. In addition to this, the destroyed materials are collected in a receptacle that doubles as a wastebasket, reducing waste.

Maximum security

These types of paper shredder take extra measures to ensure maximum security of your information. Many of these machines have an automatic switch which will automatically start the shredders mechanism when paper is detected. This is done via a small motion sensor which is placed in the feed of the shredder and will ensure the device is safe to use and does not use unnecessary power.

Quiet and efficient

These shredders are also known for being very quiet, making them perfect for busy offices. The other reason why you should have these machines for shredding is because there is little chance that the paper will jam since the wheels are in line. Some of these devices may even come with anti-jam technologies built in to prevent the jamming of paper, allowing your shredding to be a smoother and less disruptive process.
Protect from identity theft

Of course, it is important for all businesses and homes to invest in a paper shredder – regardless of what type of cut it provides. This is because identity theft can be committed if individuals simply throw their documentation or correspondence away with their normal recycling.

Shredders combat this by ensuring that the information contained on these documents cannot be read by other parties. This allows people to discard their documents with security, protecting them from identity theft or fraud.

This is especially important in businesses where breaches to data protection can lead to a ruined company reputation and potential legal action. Shredding is therefore one of the easiest and most efficient ways to dispose of unwanted documents and has a number of benefits.

This includes the fact that it is good for the environment – with all of the waste produced being fully recyclable. Alongside this, these devices are also available in a number of forms over consumers a range of options. UK shredders in particular are available in a large selection of options, with different technologies and sizes being in use in each design.

Deciding which shredder to purchase can therefore be difficult and individuals should always consider their shredding requirements before making a purchase.

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