Nikon mark the advancements in photo tech with snap-happy timeline

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We’re all well used to snapping away and popping our holiday photos on Facebook these days.With cameras in everything from mobile phones to tablets to games consoles, it’s easy to take for granted just how important the advent of photography was, and just how far the technology has come.

High-end camera manufacturers Nikon however are well studied in the history of picture taking, and have put together a neat timeline, starting with the very first photo taken in 1826, stopping off at the first colour photograph 150 years ago and coming up to the present day with the company’s own super-fast Nikon 1 camera system. It’s well worth a look and is full of great snippets of info for photography enthusiasts.

Nikon have also put a modern spin on the famous 19th century ‘galloping horse’ sequence taken by Eadweard Muybridge, seen above. They’ve replicated it with Wales rugby international, Gareth Thomas, swapping four legs out for two, and turning a gallop into a goal-line dive.

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