A Very Techie Holiday Gift Guide


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You can’t avoid it any longer – it’s time to start thinking about holiday shopping. But this year, skip the traditional go-to gifts of sweaters and boxers, and instead impress your family and friends with cutting-edge gadgets and gear. From the latest and greatest smartphone to the best handheld gaming system, we reveal the hottest gifts of 2011.

1. Samsung GALAXY Note
Samsung has taken the smartphone to a whole new level with the GALAXY Note. Featuring a large and immersive screen, best-in-class mobile input ‘with a touchscreen and the advanced S Pen, a full suite of features including built in photo and video editing capabilities, this is must-have for your most discerning gift recipients.

2. Samsung LED 8000 Series TV

This incredible television is something everyone should experience: From its visually stunning LED HD picture to its Smart TV capabilities with a solid collection of apps including Facebook and Skype, it’s a must-have for anyone who’s a gadget lover.

3. Barnes & Noble Nook Simple Touch

The latest generation of the Barnes and Noble e-reader is faster, lighter, and thinner than its predecessor. And we haven’t even gotten to the best part: The new Nook has a two-month battery life (that’s an entire month more than the Kindle!). With its library of more than 2.5 million books, this is a dream come true for any book lover.

4. Casio Tryx Camera

There always seems to be a snazzy new handheld camera hitting the market–but this one rises way above the rest. The insanely flexible 12-megapixel Tryx can turn, twist, hang, and stand unassisted to get shots you never thought possible.

5. Sony HD 3D Camcorder
Sony’s new camcorder isn’t the first to tout two lenses–but it is the first to have two imaging sensors and two processors. What does that mean? Unbelievably clear playback and the ability to seamlessly go from 3-D to 2-D HD and back.

6. Jawbone ERA Bluetooth Headset
Want to really impress him? This is the only headset on the market equipped with military-grade noise-cancelling technology to ensure the least amount of background noise possible during important phone calls. The design is really cool too.

7. Garmin GTU 10 GPS Tracker
This lighter-size tracker combines a Web-based tracking service with GPS technology so you can keep an eye on children, pets, or personal property. View the location of your tracker from your computer or, if you prefer, your mobile device. Perfect for the person who can’t get enough James Bond.

8. Livescribe Echo Smartpen (2GB)
Not only does this pen create digital backups of handwritten notes (when used with special paper), it also can record up to 400 hours of audio. Did we mention it has a camera too?

9. Nintendo 3DS
In the landscape of handheld gaming devices, the 3DS might not have the deepest selection of game titles. But what it lacks in selection it more than makes up for in its incredible, all encompassing 3-D experience (minus the glasses!). Once you play it, you’ll never put it down.

10. Nike Plus Sportswatch GPS (Powered by TomTom)

When Nike partnered with GPS powerhouse TomTom to create the Sportswatch GPS, we knew greatness would happen–and we weren’t disappointed. The watch tracks your time, distance, pace, and calories burned and seamlessly connects all this info with the NikePlus website to help you manage your running. Pretty slick.

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