UK Best Buy stores closing their doors

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best buy uk facebook.jpgBest Buy, the major US electronics retailer, are expected to close their UK stores, according to Sky News.

11 stores in the UK will now face closure, some only having opened their doors a matter of months ago. An official announcement is expected today.

Best Buy partnered with Carphone Warehouse in the UK, and are now thought to be buying the US arm of the Carphone Warehouse.

In the UK, Best Buy will continue to keep 50% of Carphone Warehouse’s highstreet business.

So what’s to blame for the closure? One problem was the clunky website; difficult to navigate with less variety to what was in the physical stores than online, it never stood a chance compared to rivals Play and Amazon. Likewise, Best Buy seemed to under-estimate the competion from other established brick-and-mortar tech retailers in the UK, with the likes of PC World and Currys still putting up a decent fight.

Gerald Lynch
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