Tim Cook already making his mark on Apple

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Tim Cook, Apple’s recently-appointed CEO, is beginning to make his mark on the company, according to a new piece in the Wall Street Journal.

Though stating that Apple would not drastically change under his leadership, and so far staying true to that promise, Cook has begun introducing a series of small changes to the iPhone makers.

Firstly, the report states that Cook is proving a far more able communicator than the late Steve Jobs, issuing regular company-wide emails addressed to the “Team”, and taking greater control of administrative matters that Jobs shied away from.

Cook is also introdcuing a new charity scheme, where the company will match donations made by employees to charities up to the sum of $10,000 per year. Jobs was said by one source to have conversely not liked giving money away.

Small structural changes have been made too. Senior VP of Product Marketing Phil Schiller and VP of Oversees Sales John Brandon has been given greater responsibilities, while iTunes VP Eddy Cue has been promoted to Senior VP of Internet Software and Service.

Cook has also restructured Apple’s education division, giving the department its own marketing and sales teams for the first time.

“I want you to be confident that Apple is not going to change. I cherish and celebrate Apple’s unique principles and values,” said Cook upon taking the post of CEO.

He seem’s to have been good to his word so far, making a few choice changes. It’ll be interesting to see how his leadership drives the company over the next few years.

Via: Wall Street Journal

Gerald Lynch
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