Samsung to slide out of netbook market next year?


Samsung Series 9 Ultrabook _5_.jpgSamsung may be preparing to quit production of their netbook lines as soon as next year, according to a leaked email from the company.

The message, sent to a trade partner, states that 10.1 inch devices will be getting the chop, with Samsung to re-focus their energies on the ultrabook sector.

“Following the introduction of our new strategy in Q1 2012, we stop the product range in 10.1″ (Netbook) in Q1 2012 for the benefit of Ultraportables products (11.6 and 12-inches) and ultrabooks to be launched in 2012,” reveals the email.

Samsung’s move is unexpected, but not wholly surprising. Netbooks have faced a stiff decline in popularity following the rise of the ever-more-powerful, ever-more-portable, ever-more-business-friendly tablet.

Ultrabooks now offer a far more attractive proposition than netbooks. Powerful, slick, and often taking design inspiration from Apple’s own book of tricks, the premium ultrabook sector looks to be where the portable computing market is headed.

Via: Engadget

Gerald Lynch
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