Samsung redesigns Galaxy Tab 10.1 after sales ban


Samsung has redesigned its Galaxy tab 10.1 tablet after legal action was taken by Apple to have the product banned from being sold in September.

The court ruled in favour of Apple’s claim that the Galaxy Tab looked too much like the iPad designed. So after a quick rethink Samsung have altered the tablet so that the metal frame now comes onto the front of the device an the speaker has been moved to comply with the ruling.

The newly designed tablet, named 10.1N will go on sale later this month, but further trouble could be on the horizon with experts saying Apple may request a new ban on the sale of the device as the refreshed device infringes on the existing court order.

Samsung and Apple have been going at it like two starving dogs over a bone, both trying to score points against the other trying to ban each others devices. The two companies are meeting in a Parisian court where a judge will go over a case that Samsung has put forward to try and get the iPhone 4S to be blocked from sale in France.

Why cant technology companies get along? Sometimes you just think that if a company tries to copy your device you should be flattered. Even the mighty Apple one of the biggest and most successful technology distributors in the world cant stand it when other people try and take some of their share of the cake.

Greg Collins
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