Netflix teaming up with Lionsgate UK

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It was rumoured for many months that the US movies streaming service Netflix would be coming to the UK and after an announcement last month confirmed the cross Atlantic move Netflix has been busy signing contracts.

A multi-year contract has been signed between Netflix and Lionsgate UK containing plenty of licensing agreements that will allow users to watch Lionsgate UK titles on their TV, mobile devices and games consoles for a monthly fee.

There will be a mix of older titles and the new smash hits, from the classic of Reservoir Dogs and the Blair Witch Project to upcoming releases Expendables 2 and The Hunger Games.

The movie streaming company has been having problems recently, with the company’s separate DVD rental service,Qwikster, being a massive flop. Causing a customer backlash and stock price drops, with almost 805,000 subscribers leaving the service. Netflix will be hoping to put these times behind it and enter a new market in the UK, it is not going to be all smooth sailing though, they will be competing with the already well established LoveFIlm service for space.


Greg Collins
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