NASA working on tractor beam technology

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The faithful tractor beam; securing rebel space scum and alien abductees in sci-fi flicks since 1886.

NASA are now looking to take tractor beam technology out of the realms of fiction and into the reality of their own space exploration missions, announcing that they are beginning to invest in reseach to bring the space-faring gadgetry to life.

However, this isn’t the sort of tractor beam that will bring down the Millenium Falcon; instead NASA are looking into creating a beam that can manipulate single cells, molecules and other minute objects.

The plan would be to create a tractor beam capable of being fitted on rover vehicles for future missions on planet surfaces, which would allow the rover to collect samples of dusts and gasses for research back on Earth.

Lasers technology already allows beams to capture particles on nano and microscopic scales.

Gerald Lynch
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