Minecraft comes to iPhone and iPad

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Yesterday saw the release of the minecraft pocket edition for IOS devices. Android users have been busy building all sorts of blocky goodness for over a month now, so its the turn of IOS users to see if they can trump those creations.

The pocket edition of the hugely successful game comes with all the main features from the PC version with randomised worlds and the ability to play multiplayer over wireless networks, it is a great edition to anyones game collection on their mobile devices.

The port doesn’t have a survival mode but there are plans to update the game with the mode, for now leaving you with creative mode to build in the peace and harmony of your virtual world.

No word if the multiplayer modes will be cross platform, uniting the two platforms for a change in peace negotiations on top a mountain where you have built a castle with the Eiffel Tower inside. Although the likelihood of a cross platform format is highly unlikely.

Greg Collins
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