Microsoft demo brings Windows Phone 7 to Android and iPhone

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wp7-theme-iphone.jpgOooh, that’s a bit cheeky Microsoft! Looking to tempt users away from Apple’s and Google’s warm embrace, Microsoft have put together a demo letting iPhone and Android phone owners try out a stripped back version of the Windows Phone 7 Mango OS on the rival smartphones.

Built using HTML5, the Mango demo fires up within the smartphone web browser, and gives a glimpse at what using a Windows Phone 7 device would be like for those perhaps looking to jump onto a different mobile OS.

Being a demo, much of the functionality is at a surface level only; you can’t import contacts or read your own email or messages, but Microsoft have populated the demo with plenty of stock images and messages, letting you get a reasonable feel for what the OS would be like running on an official WP7 handset.

A clever move then from Microsoft, if a slightly disorientating one for anyone who may stumble across the demo by mistake.

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