iPad 3 for Spring 2012 release, display orders suggest

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Thinking of popping an iPad 2 at the top of your Christmas wishlist? Perhaps hold fire just a for a little while longer. New rumours coming in from DigiTimes suggests that Apple’s 2nd generation tablet may have a new sibling ready to wow tablet fans just around the corner.

According to the site (which has a good record for accurately tracking tech manufacturing cycles) the Cupertino team have put in an order of millions of brand new displays for an iPad 3 device, with an aim of going into production as early as January, with a potential retail launch by Spring 2012.

DigiTimes sources are said to be very close to suppliers Samsung, LG and Sharp, all of whom said to be making the iPad 3’s screens.

Rumours continue to circulate around a 7.85-inch “iPad Mini” too, with sources suggesting Apple continue to test the waters with prototypes and displays in that size bracket too.

Whether such a device would ever make it to market reamins to be seen; the late Apple CEO Steve Jobs vehemently decried the need for pint-sized tablets, and it’s unlikely his successor Tim Cook will go back on the word of his old mentor so soon after his passing.

Gerald Lynch
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