Halo 4 coming to Xbox 360, not next gen console

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Halo Reach may well end up being the swansong for the Halo franchise, with creators Bungie moving on to pastures new. If that's the case, they leave us with the best game they've ever made. Ridiculous amounts of multiplayer options and a prequel storyli

It’s that time of year, the days are getting shorter and much colder, and we are all talking about the next generation of console. When will it arrive? What will it be called? What games are going to be launched along side it? Well we got a little glimpse of the future of Microsoft and their stance on next gen consoles. By little i mean no glimpse of anything for at least a year.

Franchise Development Director Frank O’Connor helped quash all the rumours in one swift strike. He confirmed that Halo 4 would be arriving on the Xbox 360 and not a next gen console, and that Microsoft would not be showing off any next gen console during 2012. The 360 must have signed in relief, along with my wallet.

There were lots of rumours going around after E3 that Halo 4 would be a launch title for the new Xbox console, as no platform was given at the end of a trailer during the expo. But O’Connor commented on NeoGaf that, “Halo 4 will be on Xbox 360 and use a modified core of the Halo engine.”

While you wait for the latest Halo to come knocking on your current console you dont have to wait long to get a brand new Master Chief fix, well sort of brand new. Halo combat evolved is out tomorrow. You can relive the original adventure as Master Chief fighting the covenant without him uttering a single macho meathead line.

Halo 4 is aiming for a late 2012 launch after losing its creative director back in September.


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