George Clooney for Steve Jobs biopic lead role?

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Clooney-Jobs-516x340.jpgGeorge Clooney, the thespian responsible for the world’s worst Batman (and, in all fairness, a host of genuinely top notch performances too) is being lined-up as the most likely candidate to play Steve Jobs in a film about the late Apple maestro’s life.

Following the success of the biography surrounding his life by Walter Isaacson, the film may begin filming as early as next year.

George Clooney obviously has the acting chops, and will manage the older Jobs quite well we’d imagine, but can he pull of the younger king of Cupertino? Hmmmm…

Also on the cards for the role is Noah Wyle. He’s already played Jobs once before in 1999’s Pirates of Silicon Valley. Check him out in the video below.

He’s got experience in the role of course, and sits nicely between the age when Jobs passed away and when his company came to fame.

Gerald Lynch
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