Facebook in cookie tracking row once more

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Facebook have come under fire from a German watchdog group following allegations that the world’s largest social network aer using cookies to create tracking profiles of users without their consent, allowing the network to keep tabs on a user’s web-browsing habits.

The site has denied the claim made by the Hamburg Data Protection Authority (DPA), stating that “Facebook does not track users across the web”.

“We use cookies on social plugins to personalise content (e.g. show what your friends liked), to help maintain and improve what we do (e.g. measure click-through rate), or for safety and security (e.g. keeping underage kids from trying to signup with a different age).

“No information we receive when you see social plugins is used to target ads, we delete or anonymise this information within 90 days, and we never sell your information.”

Facebook also stated that all user-related cookies are deleted once a Facebook member signs out of the site.

“We do not receive personally identifiable cookie information when logged-out users browse the web,” Facebook stressed.

Gerald Lynch
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