VIDEO: Kinect can now give you a boob job

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Who needs costly surgery when you can go from an A-cup to a double F-cup in the blink of an eye with Microsoft’s Kinect motion controller?!

This latest bizarre hack from Japan (where else?) gives both male and female players jiggly, jaggy boobs that look a perfect fit for a Madonna bra circa-1990.

A broken-English description of the hack on its official site reads:

‘Using Kinect, is a virtual big breasts. “Marker-less” representation “3D” Advanced “touch busty” “several people play” features and so on.’

If “Advanced Touch Busty” wasn’t creepy enough, listen out for the kids TV-style soundtrack the researchers have laid over the top of the video above.

Japanese speaking Tech Digest fans can grab some more info from the website here, as well as download the hack to try out for yourselves.

Gerald Lynch
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