Trick or Tracker app keeps kids safe this Halloween

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halloween-kids.jpgHalloween is always a bit of a stickler for parents with young-ish children. Your kids think they’re old enough to roam the streets at night dressed as ghouls, knocking on strangers’ doors asking for treats. You think they’re little more than toddlers with a sweet tooth who don’t know the potential dangers of late night wanderings. While the youngest trick-or-treaters dont have a problem being accompanied by Mummy and Daddy, those a fraction older will think its the most uncool thing in the world to have Pops tagging along.

It’s difficult balance of compromise and letting go, but this year that process could be made a little easier for everyone involved. Iconosys have built an app called Trick or Tracker that lets you keep a close eye on your child’s whereabouts, just by following them on your smartphone screen.

Downloading the app to both your own phone and your child’s one, you’re able to use the GPS capabilities of your child’s Android-powered phone to track precisely where they are at any given time. You can even set up a Geo-fence that sends a notification to your phone should your child stray too far from a designated area.

Likewise, kids using the app can benefit from buttons like “Where Am I?”, “Send Location”, and “Where’s My Parent?” if they begin to feel uncomfortable, while parents have a corresponding “Where’s my Child?” button.

“Kids are highly vulnerable even in large groups when they trick-or-treat,” said Wayne Irving II, inventor of the Trick or Tracker® app

“It’s nighttime, kids are going door-to-door taking gifts from mostly people they don’t know, they are in costume/disguised, and their parents may be miles away. Trick or Tracker can help give parents peace of mind without sacrificing any of the Halloween holiday fun.”

Note that while a parent can use all major smartphone platforms with Trick or Tracker (iPhone, Blackberry, Android, or Windows Phone 7), the child being tracked must use an Android device.

The Trick or Tracker app (which can obviously be used all year around) usually costs $4.99 for a lifetime license, but those grabbing it from on Halloween Day will be able to use it for free between the hours of 8am and 11.59pm EST.

Gerald Lynch
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